Counterintelligence and countersurvelligence equipment

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    • Model:Baofeng UV-S9 Plus

      Dual band / dual display / dual standby
      Frequency Range:136-174 / 400-480MHz
      Nominal voltage:7.4V DC
      Battery Type:Li-ion battery
      Battery capacity:2800 mAh
      Antenna impedance:50 OHMS
      Independent operation of the A / B band (UV UU VV)
      128 groups of storage channels
      Context menu operating mode
      VFO and scan memory channels
      Emergency alarm
      Timer timer (TOT)
      0 ~ 9 VOX grades selectable
      PTT & ANI ID
      FM radio and 25 storage stations
      Compression-extension voice
      50 CTCSS / 104 DCS
      High / low power TX selectable
      Busy channel lockout (BCLO)
      DTMF function
      OFFSET function
      Wide / narrow band (25 kHz / 12.5 kHz)
      VOX function
      Busy lock function
      Scan function
      Monitor function
      Timer timer function (TOT)
      Double display
      Display of battery voltage function
      Display and edit functions of the channel name
      Signal Strength Indicator
      Keyboard lock function
      Integrated LED torch
      Clone function wire
      Emergency alarm function
      Low battery alarm
      Energy saving function
      High / medium / low power TX selectable
      Chinese and English voice prompt
      Dimensio (LXPXH):58x32x150mm (no antenna)


      1 X Portable radio
      1 X Antenna
      1 X Li-ion battery
      1 X Charger
      1 X Belt clip
      1 X The slingshot
      1X User manual
      1 X Earpiece

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    Main Features:

    Type: WiFi Camera / Wireless Camera / CCTV Camera / Audio Camera / Infrared Camera / Video / video surveillance / Speed Zoom Camera /IP Camera/PTZ Camera

    ● Smart AI Humanoid detection: mixing line, area, two-way flow detection, the item triggers no alarm(only 5MP supports higher grade humanoid tracking, 3MP has normal motion detection only)
    ● Support DIY Alert Voice and Alarm Bell / Customized new speakers with loud volume (4w high power)
    ● Alarm Notification: APP messages notification, notification push(parts of phone brand supported, email notification not supported)
    ● Three Night modes Setting: IR mode, full-color infrared night vision, timed full color mode;
    ● Support AP Direct Connection / Wireless Connection / Wired Connection;
    ● WiFi Connection: the camera supports 2.4G HZ or 5G HZ WiFi(no sim card slot, 3G/4G/5G cellular network not supported)
    ● Wired Connection: the camera with an RJ45 LAN port, you could also connect the camera with the network cable(when you without wifi);
    ● Support Vision 4 times magnification(only support 4x digital zoom, not 4x optical zoom) ;
    ● Supports full-time loop recording, when the Sd card is full, the old video will be covered automatically. (not yet Support Motion triggered Recording);
    ● Support SD Recording:  Max 128G Micro SD card Record, data security is more stable ;
    ● P2P Remote Access/Multi-User: P2P technology let you be able to view the live footage wherever you are, just with the P2P account on the app via your Smartphone or tablet.
    ● PTZ: rotates 270° Horizontally and 90° Vertically while 5MP is 355°/90°.
    ● H.265+ new storage design, TF card storage is lower, more stable, and more durable;
    ● Special Technology: Exclusive patented spherical heat treatment, with an average of 30 degrees, let the screen exposure heat dry and disappear.

    ●3MP Resolution: 2304×1296 5MP: 2560*1920

    ● Ceiling and wall mounting bracket: fits for different of install scenes.

    ● Free Joolink app or pc software control(VMS, contact us for download URL);

    ● not support ONVIF protocol, no access for web/http interface (Support Eseecloud / XMEye’s NVR or DVR system)

    ●Power: 12V1A power plug(5.5*2.1mm head), EU/US/UK/AU plug is all available.( no battery inside)

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    Portable Anti Spy Detector for Camera Finder Mini Detect Wireless Audio Signal GPS Signal Hidden Camera Detector
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    1.Main Features:

    *HD 2MP/3MP Resoluton for option;
    *Support true humanoid intelligent alert double light;
    *Support black light full color, color night vision is clear;
    *Three modes preview, black light full color infrared night vision double light warning;
    *Support CMS computer client save and play in real time;
    *Alarm mode custom setting: DIY custom setting alarm bell;
    *Humanoid detection: mixing line, area, two-way flow detection, for human form, the item triggers no alarm;
    * Customized new speakers with loud volume, 4w high power;
    *PTZ: rotates 270 degrees left and right and rotates 90 degrees vertically;
    *Dual Antenna 5DB transmits signals, high gain design, and the signal is bigger and stronger;
    *H.265X new storage design, TF card storage is lower, more stable and more durable;
    *Three matching connection modes: AP hotspot direct connection/wireless WiFi connection/bringing network port wired connection;
    *Exclusive patented spherical heat treatment, with an average of 30 degrees, let the screen exposure heat dry and disappear;
    *Free 30-day cloud storage, data security is more stable 1 times.